DC Comics ‘I am NOT Starfire’ Trailer faces Ugly Backlash from fans

DC Comics has published a trailer for their upcoming graphic book I am NOT Starfire, which has been greeted with some harsh criticism from fans.

Initially, I am NOT,   Starfire seems to be a normal coming-of-age story about adolescent rebellion, but with a superhero twist. Mandy is the daughter of Starfire, a breakout star hero. The bright, lively alien warrior princess has been a staple of Teen Titans mythology since the days of Marv Wolfman and George Perez, and she remains a contemporary inspiration for many a young girl due to her leading role in the animated series Teen Titans GO!

From darkknightnews.com:

Unfortunately, there seems to be a very vocal segment of fandom that is raging against what one would hope to be a wholesome story about growing up and finding ones place in the world. Readers might notice that Youtube comments for the trailer have been disabled. This is because the site is being flooded with other videos disparaging the as yet unreleased graphic novel, and its creators, based solely upon Mandy’s character design, sexuality and teenage struggles.

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