Jennifer Aniston, Courteney ***, & Lisa Kudrow Slammed for ‘Dangerous’ Instagram Post

Fans have blasted Jennifer Aniston, Courteney C., and Lisa Kudrow after they posted a “dangerous” Instagram picture.

This week, the Friends girls have gotten themselves into a lot of trouble.

As most fans are aware, the three actresses have been extremely close since the end of the Iconic Friends television show. Even recently, they have been posting a lot of photos of themselves on social media.

Throughout the lockdown, cast members have reminded fans of the importance of taking the pandemic seriously.

This includes the simple act of donning a mask. In fact, Aniston shared a heartbreaking post on Instagram a few months ago, warning people about the importance of taking the virus seriously.

She wrote:

“This is Kevin, one of our friends.” There isn’t a single underlying health concern, therefore you’re perfectly healthy. Covid is my name. “This is genuine,” she said.

In recent weeks, both she and *** have urged people to wear masks.

Most fans were fine with this series of posts, but starting with this next one, they began to turn fans off. Lisa Kudrow shared this photo on Instagram:

She encouraged others to vote in the caption. “Friends don’t let friends vote in elections.” To ensure your registration, text FRIENDS to 26797. “And please tag your friends below to remind them to double-check their registration,” she wrote.

However, it was apparent that it did not have the desired impact…

1.) Some fans objected to them telling them what to do. 2.) Many fans were quick to point out that none of them were wearing masks in the post, despite spending so much time before promoting mask-wearing and urging people to wear masks. So for many fans it seemed hypocritical of them to be now posting pics of them together not wearing masks.

Also, in the eyes of many, this behavoir can be dangerous as it can encourage people not to wear masks anymore when we are still in a pandemic.

What do you think about all this? Does it bother you or do you not care? Comment below! Thanks.

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