Judges Not Impressed By Shy Teen, But Are Stunned When She Starts Singing

During the second season of The X Factor, a 13-year-old girl walked onto the stage as an unassuming teenager. Dressed in jean shorts, a tank top, and sandals, the judges weren’t expecting much from the teen — until she started to sing.

This 13-year-old is named Carly Rose Sonenclar and she is from Mamaroneck, New York. When she walked on stage, the judges went through the motions in asking the normal ‘get-to-know-you’ questions.

The young teen tells the judges that she is going to sing Nina Simone’s bluesy classic “Feeling Good.” To pull off such a soulful, powerful song, it would take a seriously special voice. It turns out, Carly had that voice.

The judges sat in their seats, absolutely stunned that such a giant, soulful voice could come from a 13-year-old teen. L.A. Reid, one of the judges, said, “Honey, you may be 13, but your soul is old!”

Read On to see her performance that left the judges completely stunned. The audience couldn’t help but let out a roar of applause after the talented teen put down the microphone.

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