‘Eternals’ Premiere Ruined as Variety Reporter Crosses The Line by Posting Major Spoilers on Twitter

The Eternals had its debut in Hollywood last night, and it was also shown to the press in New York. But later after the premeire was over, all hell broke loose on Twitter.

Matt Donnelly, a west coast Variety writer, tweeted out major movie spoilers, including what occurs in the post-credit scene. A big name star appears. If you scroll down below, you’ll see a copy of the Tweet. He also announced another major spoiler as well.

But please be warned! If you scroll down to see his tweets they are MAJOR SPOILERS!

The post-credit sequence was exclusively presented to the premiere audience in Los Angeles. But it was never shown to the New York press audience. The film abruptly ended. So the New York journalists were furious when they discovered they hadn’t seen what their colleagues had seen.

Here’s the tweets that Matt Donnelly posted last night and what is even more shocking is the fact that these tweets are STILL online. He has not removed them which no one can believe.

Let us know what you think about this. Should he be disiplined for this?

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