Mother of Teen Killed By Police Was Shot At His Funeral

a mother was wounded at her son’s funeral service on Saturday afternoon at the Riverview Memorial Gardens in Cocoa, Florida.

It is not known if she was supposed to be the victim of the shooting, and the police have not named any perpetrators or suspects in the event. The little boy who was buried was murdered in a high-profile police incident earlier this month.

Officials claim that a “unknown gunman” shot at a crowd gathering at the boy’s funeral service on Saturday afternoon.

The funeral was for 18-year-old Sincere Pierce, a young man who was shot and killed by Deputy Sheriff of Brevard County on 13 November, along with 16-year-old Angelo Crooms.

Quasheda Pierce, the mother of the young child, was shot in the funeral shooting, and was admitted to the nearest hospital for treatment. At this point, the condition of her injury is uncertain.

The shots were reportedly fired just after the pastor finished his prayers and allowed friends and loved ones to place flowers on the casket.

Deputies carrying rifles arrived a short time later in response to multiple 911 calls, but were unable to find the gunman, according to ABC News.

The teens were killed earlier this month by Deputy Jafet Santiago-Miranda, who fired multiple shots into their car because they wouldn’t pull over.


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