Restaurants Charging Customers COVID Tax in Wake of Pandemic

Photo: TMZ

As if it wasn’t tough enough for people to take the risk of going out to try and enjoy some semblance of their past life, such as going for a walk or going to the store, or…going back to a restaurant, we get this shocking news that restaurant owners are charging customers a “COVID Tax”.

Don’t get me wrong..I totally understand how difficult this pandemic has been on businesses and how most are not even surviving. But to make customers are who are dealing with just as much hardship and often even more…have to pay for the damage done to restaurants is just plan wrong in my humble opinion.

From TMZ:

Goog’s Pub & Grub in Holland, Michigan recently started implementing its own COVID “tax” of sorts. Owner Brad White tells TMZ … he’s had to add the charge to cover skyrocketing prices for food and restaurant supplies. White says his joint added an extra 86 cents to all bills to factor in to-go bags, silverware, condiments and styrofoam containers since, at this moment, restaurants in Michigan are limited to delivery and take-out only.

And as you can imagine, the internet had a few things to say about this…

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Source Credit: TMZ

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