New Jerseyites Google ‘How to Roll a Joint’ After Vote Legalizes Weed

If you were not aware, after years and years of legislative failures, New Jersey voters on Tuesday authorized the legal use of recreational marijuana.

So people in New Jersey have gone green and that means they are rushing to get up to speed on their pot expertise, after voting to legalize it, and their Google searches prove it.

The word “how to roll a joint” saw a nearly 3,000 percent leap in the search engine over a strong 4-hour Tuesday night period, as New Jersey unanimously approved a referendum to make it legal to cultivate, smoke and sell herbs beginning in 2021.

And no doubt, just like California, you’re going to have to be at least 21 to do all that… And there’s also some red tape they have to go through like making up the laws of this trade before anybody may take part. Still, apparently, a whole new batch of pot smokers are itching to break out rolling papers.

Also trending in Jersey … the term “when will weed be legal in New Jersey.” So, yeah, they’re ready to burn.

Several other states are saying puff puff pass with Jersey, too — Arizona, Montana and South Dakota also voted to approve pot measures.

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