Mom accidentally sends 2-year-old to school picture day wearing a very offensive shirt

Paige Ward is the mother of an adorable daughter Emmy. But what happens with her daughter is something neither of them will ever forget.

From Shareably.net:

Paige recently told Buzzfeed News that her daughter, Emma, has been a shining light for the family since she was born. Emma is also pretty well known for her hilarious and cheeky personality so one of Paige’s friends made a shirt for her daughter.

The shirt reads “sasshole” as a homage to Emma’s sassy disposition. Emma thought it was super funny, although her daughter only wore it a few times.

Little did she know that the “sasshole” shirt would one day make her daughter famous on social media for all the hilariously wrong reasons.
Recently, Paige has been working for 60 hours a week at an urgent care clinic when she woke up to take Emma to school. The Oklahoma mom was clearly worn-out since her innocent mishap leads to one of the funniest things we’ve seen in a while.


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She said:

“I woke up that morning exhausted and grabbed the first thing out of her closet I could see, which happened to be the famous ‘sasshole’ shirt,” Paige recalled.

What the video she took below!


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