Man Busts Epic Move To Favorite Jackson-5 Song, Goes Viral

Nothing can make a person jump with excitement quite as much as hearing their favorite song. Especially when you’re at a concert that hails from the same era as the old favorite. Music is nostalgia after all, particularly for this Jackson-5 dancer!

No one feels that more than this gentleman who was caught dancing on video at a Janet Jackson concert. On November 15th, Lashea Battle was taking in the setting of the show at intermission with her phone on Facebook live. The venue began playing the famous hit I Want You Back by the group Jackson-5.

That’s when she caught Vic Picinich getting his groove on like it’s 1969! The man might be middle-aged, but as soon as he heard the old favorite playing from the speaker, he was a young kid again. The instant he recognizes the song, Picinich jumps to his feet and starts busting out moves so epic, you’d think he was trained!

What makes this video so lovable is the feeling the California native puts into his impromptu dance! He’s got so much energy oozing through him, you can’t help but smile wide when you see it. What’s more amazing is the freedom with which he dances.

As we grow up, most of us lose that bodacious attitude that allows us to grab life by the horns and ride the moment. Not this guy though! You won’t want to miss how he jumps to his feet in excitement, so give us a like if you love seeing stuff like this and continue to the next page!

Singing Dad’s Impressive Pipes Goes Viral

Earlier this year Dayla Jones filmed her dad singing in the carWhen she posted the video to YouTube though, she was shocked by the insane reaction! The video immediately went viral, and in less than one year has garnered over 35 million views!

Hello world! Meet Kris Jones, a Texas native with a passion for singing and the pipes to match! The linebacker look-alike makes his living as  a general contractor, but don’t let the bulk and blue-collar fool you; this man is made of soul!

As it turns out, Jones isn’t new to the wonderful world of singing. He recalls being a young boy who loved to belt it out, and his mom had to teach him not to outdo the other kids in choir. The difference between then and now? The world is begging to hear more!

In fact, the crazy success of his debut has led Jones to record more cover songs. He as several viral videos on the YouTube channel his daughter Dayla manages for him. You can watch their adorable father/daughter duet too, covering Keith Urban’s Blue Ain’t Your Color.

With his smooth-as-whiskey voice, he’ll instantly blow you away singing the opening verse for George Jones’ billboard hit, Tennessee Whiskey. Grab your jacket; this cover’s going to give you the chills! Continue to the next page to see why this guy is going viral!

When the Astros won the World Series this year, it was an emotional event for thousands. Not having played in the championship game since 2005, and losing badly, taking home their first World Series win brought up a lot of feelings for everyone. Even so, no one felt quite as grateful as Astros catcher and former transient, Evan Gattis.

Life has its ups and downs for everyone, but some have a bumpier ride than most. Evan is one of these people. Unlike many major league players, Evan hasn’t been in the game since high-school. Not that he wasn’t offered the chance.

Both Texas A&M and Rice University offered him a scholarship right out of high school. After all, the lightning fast catcher showed a lot of promise. Unfortunately though, Evan had a fear of failure so severe it caused him to turn the offers down.

The same fears holding him back from pursuing a career in baseball also caused Gattis to seek comfort in drugs and alcohol. So when the time came to decide where to go in life, he chose to check himself into rehab. Not the most conventional choice of a scouted athlete!

We’ve only begun to uncover this Astros catcher’s story, so prepare to be inspired! Continue to the next page to see the video highlighting his amazing journey to success, and don’t forget to leave us a comment below.

Where Is This Child Prodigy Today?

Akiane Kramarik was first introduced to the nation as a child prodigy in 2003 when she painted two pieces titled Prince of Peace: The Resurrection, and Father Forgive Them. The realism the young child was able to produce in her paintings alone is noteworthy, but it’s her reply when asked where her inspiration comes from that has everyone captivated!

The two paintings are renditions of Jesus Christ that Akiane saw in what she describes as her “visions”. Akiane was born in 1994 in Mount Morris, Illinois. Her mother was a self-proclaimed atheist, and her father hailed from a non-practicing Catholic family.

So when the 4-year-old started drawing with a realism beyond her years, proclaiming the talent and visions were gifts from God, her mother was taken aback.

In several interviews, her mother explains that there is zero explanation as to how Akiane came to know about God or Jesus, or any of the other spiritually rich images she has created. The only explanation that has ever been given is the one that the young artist gives herself; she’s seen these people and places before, and God gave her the gift of her art to help bring people closer to Him.

As if the supernatural talent emblazoned in her imagery weren’t enough, her claims of seeing the true face of Jesus were solidified when the NY Times national bestseller book was released Heaven Is For Real. The nonfiction book is about a young boy named Colton Burpo who had a near-death experience at the age of four.

He had to undergo emergency surgery for a burst appendix and while he was on the table, he went to Heaven where he met angels, a great-grandpa he’d never met, and a miscarried sister he’d never been told about.

After the boy told his parents things he couldn’t have possibly known, they started pressing him for as much detail about his trip to heaven as possible. One thing they would do is show Colton hundreds of images of the face of Jesus, and according to Colton, none of them came close to Him.

Then one day, after three years of seeing and searching, Colton came across Akiane’s Prince of Peace: The Resurrection painting and told his father “They finally got it right!”  Continue to the next page to see the otherworldly experiences rendered by this little angel’s paintbrush!

Thank goodness for shows like America’s Got Talent and The X Factor. These types of shows have allowed so many people to showcase their talent to the world. The best part? All walks of life can audition.

On a recent episode of The X Factor UK, a 22-year-old woman from the Philippines. Her name is Alisah Bonaobra; she and her family have lived their lives as street vendors. They’ve lived a very humble life.

“I am only here because of my mother’s friend, she contributed enough money for a plane ticket,” she explains to the judges. It was such a blessing for her to even have the opportunity to share her talent with them that day.

Alisah was so excited to be on the show that brought her whole family! Well — digitally anyway! Her entire family joined her from monitors that were nearby. When Simon asked her why she was there, her response was amazing:

“I believe my talent is world-class and I’m here to represent all the Filipino communities here in the UK.”

Continue to the next page to watch her performance and see if you agree with her statement! We sure do! When you watch her perform this Beyonce hit, we think you’ll be right along with us.

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When it comes to a show like the “Got Talent” series, it really doesn’t get crazier than that. People from all over the world come to showcase their unique talents in hopes of fame. One teen auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and knocked the judges socks off.

His skill isn’t singing, dancing, or even magic — he was going to perform a comedy routine. But not just any comedy routine — he was going to do impressions. Really, really great impressions.

The teen’s name is Craig Ball — he’s extremely silly and goofy but he’s also extremely talented, as you’ll see in the video on the next page. His impressions and impersonations are absolutely spot-on.

As soon as Craig starts performing his routine, the judges have immediately fallen in love. How could they not? The goofy teen was nailing these impersonations flawlessly! But not only that? He’s doing it in such a creative way!

Impersonating everyone from Miss Piggy and Christopher Walken to Peter Griffin and Scooby Doo — Craig can impersonate each character to a T. All while singing to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball!

He has the judges, and the entire audience, in stitches the entire time.

Continue to the next page to watch Craig’s super spot-on comedy performance. Keep an eye out for this kid!

A makeup artist named Marjana Kika is making people do a double-take when she uploaded her recent video. She’s an incredible artist whose specialty is creating insane-looking pieces of art on her own body.

Marjana is from Serbia and she’s blowing people’s minds all over the world. She has had multiple video uploads of her creating works of art that are hard to comprehend. Her 3D masterpieces are incredible.

Marjana sets up a camera with an all black backdrop and she begins to paint her body. Watching her effortlessly use the makeup brush to paint perfect strokes is absolutely mesmerizing.

At first, it’s difficult to tell what Marjana is drawing on her upper chest. It appears to be a collar of some sort. Her intense focus is palpable through the screen as she concentrates on perfecting her piece.

As she continues to gracefully paint, the picture is starting to slowly come together. She’s turning her neck and chest into a clothes hanger. It’s impossible not to keep staring as she continues to work.

The incredible video is on the next page, and trust me, you’re going to want to see this with your own eyes.

One of the greatest things about the show America’s Got Talent is that there are no age restrictions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a talented toddler or a groovin’ grandma, you’re welcome to the stage.

The judges on the show were about to get the performance of the season when an 8 and 9-year old walk onto the stage. What was their talent? They two tiny kids were going to do a dance performance to the famous song “Time Of My Life.”

You might be familiar with the hit song from the very popular 80’s movie Dirty Dancing. It’s a bit of an “adult” type of routine and movie so the judges were a bit surprised by the choice, but they were excited to watch it.

It was Paige and Artyon’s second performance for the judges, so everyone was anxious to see what they were going to pull out of their sleeves.

“All I can say is just have fun and wow us again. Good luck!” Heidi Klum told the two little dancers.

The adorable duo has been dancing for years and it obviously shows in their amazing and adorable performance. You’ve just got to see it for yourself.

Shows like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and So You Think You Can Dance are getting more and more popular. It’s a great outlet for people to show off their incredible talents to the entire world.

Most of the time you’d expect to see singers, dancers, or even magicians on the show America’s Got Talent — ventriloquists are rare, and it’s a hard performance to pull off. It’s extremely difficult to be a talented and entertaining.

A man named Paul Zerdin was auditioning for the show, and ventriloquism was going to be his talent. He walks onto the stage and his face is shining with confidence.

The judges await his performance, wondering which direction his act was going to go. Little did they know, they were in for an amazing and hilarious treat. Nobody was expecting this at all.

Continue to the next page to watch this surprising and unexpected performance. Now, this is some talent!

Music is one of the most incredible things that we humans create and use to communicate. It transcends cultures and boundaries bringing people together. It allows us to express ourselves on another level – like one contestant did for his brother who passed away.

The contestant was performing on Britain’s X Factor — adding to his nerves, the infamous judge Simon Cowell would be witnessing his performance. His name is Christian Burrows and he bravely took the stage.

After performing a song, the judges weren’t impressed. But afterward — the judges began speaking with the young man and getting to know his story. He mentioned his love for Ed Sheeran.

The intimidating Simon Cowell then reminded Christian that Ed Sheeran is an incredible songwriter. This is the moment that the nervous contestant revealed that he too was a songwriter.

Simon then asks Christian if he could sing something — Christian agrees to perform a song he had written for his brother that passed away. This is when magic was about to happen.

His performance had all the judges’ jaws dropped. Even Simon Cowell.

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