‘X Factor’ Contestant Dedicates Song To Brother Who Passed Away, Judges Blown Away

Music is one of the most incredible things that we humans create and use to communicate. It transcends cultures and boundaries bringing people together. It allows us to express ourselves on another level – like one contestant did for his brother who passed away.

The contestant was performing on Britain’s X Factor — adding to his nerves, the infamous judge Simon Cowell would be witnessing his performance. His name is Christian Burrows and he bravely took the stage.

After performing a song, the judges weren’t impressed. But afterward — the judges began speaking with the young man and getting to know his story. He mentioned his love for Ed Sheeran.

The intimidating Simon Cowell then reminded Christian that Ed Sheeran is an incredible songwriter. This is the moment that the nervous contestant revealed that he too was a songwriter.

Simon then asks Christian if he could sing something — Christian agrees to perform a song he had written for his brother that passed away. This is when magic was about to happen.

His performance had all the judges’ jaws dropped. Even Simon Cowell.


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