Taika Waititi Says His Star Wars Movie Will “Piss People Off”

It’s interesting to see how Lucasfilm has shifted its focus towards television productions in recent years. The mixed reviews for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker might have contributed to their decision to pause many of their film projects. It appears that they are prioritizing Disney+ as a platform to explore new stories and expand the Star Wars universe.

The fact that Taika Waititi, the acclaimed director of Jojo Rabbit and Thor: Love and Thunder, is working on a Star Wars film is indeed exciting news. Waititi has a unique and often irreverent style that has endeared him to many fans, and his involvement in the Star Wars franchise could bring a fresh and innovative perspective to the series.

However, it’s not surprising that Waititi anticipates some backlash from certain Star Wars fans. The Star Wars fanbase is known for its passionate and diverse opinions, and any deviation from the established lore or tone of the franchise can be met with resistance. Nevertheless, it’s essential for filmmakers like Waititi to have creative freedom to tell their own stories within the Star Wars universe while respecting its core values.

In the end, it’s all part of the creative process, and it’s impossible to please every fan. The most important thing is that the filmmakers are passionate about their projects and are committed to delivering a compelling and enjoyable Star Wars experience for both old and new fans alike. It will be fascinating to see what Waititi brings to the galaxy far, far away, and I’m sure many fans are eagerly anticipating his take on the franchise.

From comicbook.com:

“It will be … dramatic pause… a Taika Waititi film,” the filmmaker told Variety at the premiere of Searchlight’s Next Goal Wins. “It’s gonna piss people off.”

Waititi’s untitled Star Wars film is one of the many long-gestating projects at Lucasfilm, though it’s still in development unlike the project once rumored to be produced by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige.

“I’ve got a really good idea for it,” Waititi told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year before the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes began. “It’s just as with all films, it’s this middle part. You’re like, ‘What’s going to happen?’ And then you look at all of those films that are so great, you’re like, ‘Well, I guess they can’t meet some smuggler with an alien sidekick.'”

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