The Toxic Avenger Reboot First Look Released

The first look at the forthcoming revival of The Toxic Avenger, starring Peter Dinklage and Kevin Bacon, has been published by Legendary.

For years, the remake has been in and out of development, with a variety of filmmakers and performers involved, including Arnold Schwazenegger and High Fidelity’s Steve Pink at one time.

In 2020, Dinklage was cast in the starring part, and production began in earnest, indicating that after 10 years, they were finally, truly, bringing Tromaville’s biggest star to the mainstream.

The picture, based on the long-running Troma franchise, follows a 98-pound geek from New Jersey who falls into a vat of poisonous waste and is changed into a good-natured and eventually heroic monster.

The main character, fondly known as “Toxie,” has become the mascot for Troma throughout the years, appearing on merchandising and title cards in addition to the film franchise and a short-lived animated series called Toxic Crusaders.

Check out the first look photo below:

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