Viewers ‘traumatised’ after watching brutal horror film on Netflix

Tusk, a little-seen 2014 horror film, is a must-see if you want to watch something that will make your stomach churn tonight.

This heinous film has been dubbed “worse than The Human Centipede,” and it also includes some horrifying surgical experiments.

When The Human Centipede was released in 2009, it startled audiences across the world with its depiction of cruel bodily changes to fit a surgeon’s insane fetish.

Meanwhile, Tusk continues its horrible human-to-animal transition.

The film follows a podcaster, portrayed by Justin Long, who goes to see a recluse who has a pathological fixation with walruses.

So you can probably anticipate what happens next (though you might want to stop reading here if you don’t want to be spoiled).

Viewers have been ‘physically horrified’ by the film.

TikToker Heidi Wong went to the site to offer her opinions on the film, alleging that it was the worst horror picture she had ever seen.

She revealed the notion after making a series of films about her opinions on Tusk: “Of all the horror movies that I’ve seen, this one gets to me the most.”

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