Trump Slammed For Telling Crowd Joe Biden Could Be ‘shot’ 3 weeks Into His Presidency

Just when you think Donald Trump has said the worst thing he can say, he surprises you. But this time, Donald Trump’s latest Twitter stunt has caused a huge outrage and backlash..

Has the president finally gone too far?

Possibly so. We all know that, from time to time, President Trump is impartial to a little bit of Twitter controversy, but today he has caused much more uproar online than usual. I know, I didn’t think that could have been possible either. But this blunder could potentially be harmful to his whole campaign with election day just around the corner. We’re just days away from the much-anticipated election.

From twentytwowords.com:

Many Twitter users have been left outraged at this video, which features a split-screen with Trump’s crowded rally in the top, and Biden’s quieter, socially-distanced event below.


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