Watch the opening scene of Wonder Woman 1984

This is the best Christmas gift for Wonder Woman fans. Now we get to see Wonder Woman in 1984—or at least for the first few minutes.

Although Wonder Woman’s sequel won’t be released until Dec. 25, Warner Bros. has decided to offer viewers an early preview by unveiling the opening scene that you can see below.

The video brings Diana (Gal Gadot) back to her childhood in Themyscira, symbolic of the “magical land” of her youth. We see her as a little kid as she runs across green fields to take part in some form of Amazonian Olympics. After watching all the ladies of battle execute physical acts while the audience goes crazy, Diana steps up to the plate. General Antiope (Robin Wright), the aunt of Diana, sends her a few words of advice while Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), her grandma, watches from above.

Watch the hot new opening scene below!

Source Credit: EW.com

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