QUIZ: DC or MARVEL, Find Out Which SUPERHERO You Are!

It’s always fun taking superhero quizzes and even more fun if you can take the quiz and find out which DC or Marvel superhero you are!

In this super cool superhero quiz from PlayBuzz, we are once again treated to a fun, interesting, and often revealing quiz test result that shows us our true superhero colors once and for all.

I actually took the Which Superhero Are You? quiz from PlayBuzz to find out my DC Comics and my Marvel Comics superhero equivalent. I used the same answers both times except I chose DC the first time and Marvel the second time.

For my first take, as a DC Comics superhero, I found out I was most like Superman! Here’s how I was described:

You are the traditional superhero that everyone loves. Impossible to defeat and always there to save the day. The only downside is that you’re so ‘perfect’ that you end up annoying the hell out of every other superhero.

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