X-Men: Rob Liefeld Doesn’t Believe Hugh Jackman Is Done With Wolverine

Photo: Movieweb

No actor has become so associated with a hero from a comic book, as Hugh Jackman has with X-Men’s favorite Wolverine. Having played the part for nearly twenty years, Jackman bowed back in 2017 with the excellent Logan but fans have struggled to move on since then. One of those fans is comic writer Rob Liefeld, who has been asked in a recent interview the actor he envisions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the spiky-haired X-Man. Like most of us, Liefeld said he finds it hard to imagine anyone else playing Wolverine other than Hugh Jackman.

“I’m stuck on Hugh Jackman. Having met Hugh, having loved Hugh, there is only Deadpool because of Wolverine… I was doing Deadpool [in the comics] to get to Wolverine. Wolverine was always the goal.”

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Source Credit: Movieweb.com

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