The 10 Best & Cutest Kid Contestants in ‘America’s Got Talent’ History

America’s Got Talent sees talented people in all age groups. But there’s something about talented kids that is so impressive. They’ve only been on the planet for a few years and yet they’ve mastered their skills like a pro.

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7. Kaitlyn Maher — Get ready for cuteness overload. Kaitlyn is only 4-years-old and she is going to sweep you off your feet just like she did the judges. She was the youngest contestant to ever reach the top 10!

6. CJ Dippa — At just 11-years-old, CJ Dippa writes his own rhymes and creates his own beats. He was even brought back for the wildcard show. 

5. Celine Tam — Simon laughed when the 9-year-old Celine Tam told him she was obsessed with Celine Dion. Apparently, so was her mom because that’s who she’s named after. And for good reason! Wait til you hear her voice. 

4. Angelica Hale — Another 9-year-old, Angelica Hale told the judges that she wanted to be the next Whitney Houston. After the performance, Simon announced, “I feel like we might be looking at a star in the future.” 

The top three sweetest and cutest performances on AGT by kids are on the next page. We can’t get over how talented these cutie pies are!

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