10 Little Hacks to Make Parenting A Lot Easier!

Everyone knows how challenging the work of a parent is. So any little help goes a long way! Being a parent is no easy job you know. You know as Marlee Martlin said, “There is nothing better than being a parent. It is the most challenging job one could ever ask for. I love being a mom and I love being a friend to my children as well.

If you’re worried about your child and his toys floating away, bathe them in a laundry basket and you can easily solve this problem!

If you don’t like to see your child coughing all through the night, rub vapor rub on their feet and put socks over them. It will help them sleep without the pesky coughs.

Traveling somewhere? How about transforming a DVD case into a travel art kit that your child will definitely love?

Put your kids to work by turning chores into a fun game! It’s easy really, draw a box on the floor and ask your child to sweep everything  inside and viola! They’ll never know the difference!

Here’s a cool way to let people know what to do in case your child gets lost. These are temporary tattoos developed by Tottoos!

If your kids are afraid of the monsters then make the monster spray! Cut and paste some monsters on a water spray bottle and squirt under the bed, in the closet and wherever you child requests!

If you baby hates the idea of water getting in her eyes or worse, has shampoo fear, well how about investing in a baby shower cap? They’re cute too!

If your child it tired of pillow forts and tents, how about making a hammock with a blanket tied around a table? Your baby will love it!

And finally…

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Article Source: BuzzFeed

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