12 Holiday Gifts To Challenge Your Kids' Minds.

A child today, is tomorrow’s future, so why not gift them something that will prepare them for the future?!

I completely agree with NDSU when they said, “Think of young children in your life and imagine what they might become one day- doctor, teacher, astronaut, father, engineer, homemaker, farmer, mother. The world is open to each child, and parents and other caring adults hold the keys to opening the doors of learning and growth for children. Childhood is all about learning. The development of the brain and the learning connections within the brain are at the heart of learning for young children. How can parents and other caregivers foster a child’s healthy brain development and enhance a child’s learning?”

Presenting the top 12 holiday gifts to start the learning process, to secretly challenge kids’ minds! They will love it, trust me!

Strategy game called Kyro 5 hones spatial reasoning skills.

These wooden build-able playing cards can help kids take house of cards to a whole new level!

This building game isn’t easy, it’s like Jenga!

Suspend best for hand/eye coordination!

OK, this looks insanely fun. This game will definitely encourage risk-taking.

Stormy Seas may look like a toy, but it’s not. It actually exercises basic physical concepts!

Iota gets harder as the game goes on! Critical thinking is encouraged!

Squigz allows your child’s imagination to run wild and help them build anywhere, anytime!

The fidget widget is great for kids who are learning their fine motor skills.

spirograph is a mathematical concept, but it is fun – like very fun!

This 130 cube puzzle featuring modern art greats is actually six puzzles in one.

These cubed mazes for the mind will stimulate the brain for hours!

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Article Source: BuzzFeed

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

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