12 Newborns Who Had Their First Photo Shoot With Their Pets!

If you think that first photo shoots are only meant for babies, think again! Here are some cute babies who had their first photo shoot with their pets!

These pictures are nothing but adorable! I have been sharing them with so many of my friends and family. I have several dogs myself and so I could really relate to some of them.

They remind me of when my son was a baby and we had our adorable little puppy! Having two babies so cute in one household was amazing.

There’s something about combing inter-species babies together in one place that makes me so happy. It’s like “oh yes, this is the world coming together!”

These photos will cheer up you, or anyone you know, who’s having a rough week. Get ready to have some sore cheeks because smiling while looking at these is uncontrollable.

Check out these ridiculously adorable photos on the next pages. Oh – and feel free to share!

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