WATCH: Judge Judy Lets Stolen Dog Run Loose In Courtroom To Identify His One True Owner

It all started with a distraught guy filing charges against a woman, alleging her dog was actually his puppy taken from him.

The woman claimed she paid $50 for Baby Boy, a little white fluff-ball of a dog, outside a shopping complex. The dad, on the other hand, claimed ownership of Baby Boy. “This is like a kid to me,” he sobbed.

The defendant presented Judge Judy with a stack of images and papers to back up her claim that Baby Boy was properly hers. Judy had a feeling something wasn’t quite right, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Judge Judy finally ruled that the only way to identify Baby Boy’s rightful owner was for the dog to do it himself, which was a brave and emotional action. She told the defendant to bring Baby Boy into the courtroom, then place him on the floor and observe who he ran to first.

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