Accurate Pregnancy Tests from Home

Whenever you have noticed that, you are starting to feel the beginning effects of pregnancy, an at home pregnancy test might be in order. However, there are things to think before, during, and after taking the pregnancy test.


There are several important things that a person needs to know before using a pregnancy test.

  1. You want to ensure that you do not test yourself too soon. Many women believe that they know their cycle; however, that is not always true. The cycle changes a little each month. Knowing this can stop the upset from false results.
  2. Read instructions. This can be very important. You are not an expert, each time you take tests things can change a bit. In addition, each brand has different instructions. The instructions can make a difference between false results and true results.


During a test does not always mean while you are peeing on the stick. Getting all the paraphernalia ready can make all the difference while taking your test. Rushing does not help you or your emotional state.

  • Testing at the right time. Some believe that you receive the best results from the first pee of the morning. The reason for this is based on the concentration that is within that urine sample. The concentration is important; however, the morning is not the only time that it is available.
    • Here is one option: Learning your test results first thing in the morning can taint your entire day, so one option is to test yourself in the evening. This can be accomplished by creating the right situation. First, you will want to only drink water for the entire day, this can help to ensure a pure test. Second, you will want to limit your salt intake as that can sometimes mess with test answers. Finally, drink nothing after noon and wait six hours, or more, without peeing.
  • Capturing urine is important. It is important to know alternatives to collecting your urine so that you obtain enough to get accurate results. Collecting urine in a cup can be the best option, as holding the stick in your urine stream.


Having confidence over the results can change your whole attitude. Be confident in knowing the chances of false results based on medications that you are taking. It can also be a good idea to take the tests a few times ensuring your test results.

If you have, any concern on how to take the pregnancy test or unable to understand the results contact your health care provider. They have the ability to give you a urine test; however, the doctor has other ways to determine if you are pregnant.

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