Autistic non-verbal child speaks to his mother for the first time

Most of us have fundamental memories that we will never forget. And it’s during those times that we wish we had a camera or something to capture those precious moments.

Well, A living room camera recorded a moment in time that would change one lucky mother’s life forever.

She approached her little son, who was seated in the middle of the living room with his iPad, early in the morning.

Her son is autistic and nonverbal, and he has never talked to his mother or anybody else.

His American mother knelt and placed her hands on his arms. In the 14-second video, she says, “Hey,” with a smile. “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” he murmurs back, his mother’s eyes widening as she lays her hand on her chest.

Her eyes welled up with tears, and her jaw dropped open; it was the first time her son had spoken directly to her.

“Good morning,” he said again, this time leaning in closer as if she hadn’t heard him the first time.

His mother was still shaken by the news and nodded slowly as she realized what was going on. He rose up and skipped away, his mother still stunned and unable to talk.

Watch the emotional moment below!

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