This common pet accessory could kill your child in just 20 seconds

Nikki Jurcutz, co-founder of the children’s safety nonprofit Tiny Hearts, discusses a common pet accessory that may kill a child in less than 20 seconds.

Almost every pet owner has one of these, but few are aware of the possible risks of the seemingly innocent toy.

Jurcutz argues in a TikTok video that has had over 42,000 views this month that a pet’s water dish can be lethal in certain circumstances.

She created the 10-second video when someone asked if their child may drown in a pet bowl.

Jurcutz is seen in the video taking up her pet’s water bowl and moving it into another room, where she places it and locks the door.

In the video, she says, “Where is your pet’s water bowl?” “This is your reminder to move your pet bowls into a safe area where pets can access, but kids cannot!”

The kid safety expert went on to describe the potential hazards.

“Kids can drown in 5 cm [2 inches] of water in just 20 seconds!” warns Jurcutz in the video.

In the comments, viewers expressed surprise.

Check out the video below:


Replying to @dixxxxx51 children can drown quickly and silently. It only takes a few centimetres and 20 seconds. Pet water bowls are a drowning risk, don’t leave your child unattended around one. Move to a safer location if you can. #parentinghacks #drowningrisk #parentingtips #toddlersafety

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