Brave 14-Yr-Old’s Touching Song To His Late Little Brother Has Judges In Tears

Just three months before taking the stage at Australia’s Got Talent, a 14-year-old boy named Fletcher Pilon suffered a terrible tragedy. His little brother Banjo, just 10-years-old, passed away in front of him.

Banjo and Fletcher were skateboarding together like they normally did, when Banjo was tragically struck by a car. Sadly, Banjo later died from his injuries. Fletcher was absolutely devastated.

Fletcher, although grieving, wanted to do something to make sense of the loss and help him cope. It would also be a dedication to his little brother whom he loved dearly. He wrote a song called “Infinite Child.”

Before the 14-year-old was seconds into the song, the entire room was already tearing up. His story was so sad and touching. They knew that they were about to witness a very emotional performance.

Read on to see and hear Fletcher’s beautiful, but heart-wrenching song that he dedicated to this late little brother. It’s beyond moving.

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