Condoleezza Rice DESTROYS The View Again

On today’s edition of The View, guest host and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sparked many feuds with the show’s hosts over issues such as Republicans’ response to the Jan. 6 insurgency and the teaching of critical race theory in schools.

From decider.com:

The panel kicked things off by discussing Mitch McConnell’s recent statement urging Americans to “let bygones be bygones” when it comes to the Capitol Hill insurrection. Rice began by asserting that the insurrection was wrong, “full-stop.” However, after the election results were certified that night, she said that she had newfound faith in her institutions and “the people who protect them.”

“[McConnell may be referencing that] it’s time to move on in a lot of ways,” Rice continued, adding that politicians should focus on “kitchen table issues” like inflation and the price of gas, and move onto the next generation of leadership.

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