Universal and AMC Theatres Forge Historic Deal

From Comicbook.com:

Weeks after completely swearing off movies from Universal, AMC Theatres has reversed course and will be showing the blockbusters at AMC locations around the world after all. A new deal between the studio and exhibitor is being touted as a “historic” deal that could shape how theaters play ball with studios in a post-COVID world. In a new report from Variety, AMC Theatres is only requiring Universal to have a 17-day exclusive on theatrical releases before the studio can release them through VOD.

Under the new agreement, AMC will get a chunk of the VOD sales, which are now required to be premium rentals that hover around the $20 range for a 24-hour span. All Universal theatrical releases will now have to have to premium pricing should they go to VOD after the three-week theatrical grace period as opposed to a cheaper price some services offer.

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Source Credit: comicbook.com

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