Frozen 2 Rushes to Disney+ Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it’s really hard to even keep up with so many major cancellations, suspensions, etc going on in Hollywood. From big events, to tv shows to movies.

Literally every day something big is happening as a result.

And one company that has probably been impacted the most is Disney. And today they have made another major announcement.

Friday evening, the House of Mouse announced it was pushing up the release date for Frozen 2 so that users in the United States can watch it this weekend. Just yesterday, it was revealed the flick would hit the streaming service June 26th. While it will be available the 15th for those in the States, Disney+ subscribers in international markets will be able to access it March 17th.

This is great news for Frozen fans!

Source Credit: comicbook.com

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