Gov. Cuomo Has a MELTDOWN, Screams at Reporter for Asking If Schools Will Open

Governor Cuomo did not have a good day.

Look…with everything that has been going on this year with COVID, the election, etc, I can totally understand getting emotional but Cuomo today really lost it.

From thedailybeast.com:

New York City’s public schools will close again on Thursday after the city reported a rise in COVID-19 cases, marking a significant setback for the state once deemed the epicenter of the pandemic.

But the announcement came amid a day of confusion and fiery tempers. NYC Chancellor Richard Carranza told school principals that the nation’s largest school system was going remote, just as Gov. Andrew Cuomo was insisting in a press conference that it wasn’t. Cuomo insulted, yelled at, and argued with journalists who tried to get clarity on schools and rising case numbers. He scolded one reporter for being “rude and obnoxious” and said “[parents] are not confused, you’re confused” to another. He railed against reporters who asked whether a shutdown would signal defeat in his COVID-19 recovery plan

See his outburst in the video below.

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Source Credit: Thedailybeast.com

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