A Horrifying Brittney Griner decision has just been made

The Brittney Griner drama has reached a new turning point.

Reuters reported Thursday that the American basketball player will be sent to a prison camp. Griner was sent to a Mordovian jail camp, according to Reuters’ Hümeyra Pamuk.

“U.S. basketball player Brittney Griner has been brought to Female Penal Colony IK-2 in Yavas, roughly 500 kilometers southeast of Moscow in the Russian territory of Mordovia,” Pamuk stated in a tweet.

The announcement comes after several weeks of quiet on Griner’s situation. “Russian officials have supplied no information on her location for over two weeks,” according to the article. “The colony is in Mordovia, the same territory where another American, Paul Whelan, is serving a 16-year term in a separate prison settlement after being convicted of espionage accusations that he rejects,” it was subsequently said.

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