Johnny Depp Did ‘Cavity Search’ on Amber Heard, Penetrated Her with Bottle, Psychologist Testifies

During their marriage, Johnny Depp apparently did a “cavity search” on Amber Heard, according to a professional psychologist’s testimony in court.

Dr. Dawn Hughes, a clinical and forensic psychologist, was the first witness called by Heard’s legal team as they opened their defense in Depp’s continuing defamation trial against ex-wife Heard on Tuesday in Fairfax, Virginia.

Hughes provided a professional analysis that contradicted the forensic psychologist called to the stand by Depp’s defense last week, who stated that Heard showed no evidence of PTSD. Instead, Hughes said that the actress suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of Mr. Depp’s “intimate partner violence.”

Hughes looked at Heard’s medical records, past depositions and met with the actress four times in person and twice via Zoom, totaling about 29 hours. She also interviewed some of Heard’s treating physicians and the star’s late mom Paige.

While testifying, Hughes described several of Heard’s sexual assault allegations against Depp. Hughes said Heard claimed that he digitally penetrated her more than once and that he, at one time, penetrated her with a liquor bottle. Heard told Hughes that Depp would have alcohol-fueled “rage” that often led to these acts, according to Hughes’ testimony.

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