Study Claims More Than 60% of Audiences Didn’t Finish Snyder Cut For A Specific Reason

The awaited release of “Justice League” on HBO Max, did manage to pull in quite a lot of viewers during its first week, but the four-hour running time may have been too much for more than half of them.

According to a study that was done, only about 36% of the one and a half million households that watched the Snyder Cut stayed to the end of the movie.

I know a lot of critics of Zack Snyder and his films will try to use this news as a way to say that the movie wasn’t good enough to hold the average viewer’s attention or that it simply wasn’t a good movie and so people just lost interest.

But I think it’s more complicated than that. Or…maybe it’s not. Maybe the answer is very simple.

It could be that a large number of viewers tuned in just to see what all the hype was about and never had any intention of sitting down to watch the whole film. It could be that some viewers watched to a certain point and then had to come back at a later time. There are a number of variables here. However, even with people not sitting all the way through to the end, Forbes calculated that the Snyder Cut was a solid investment (via SlashFilm). With there being 1.48 million new downloads of HBO Max, and assuming those are all paying subscribers at $14.99 that will continue the service, that adds up to around $22.2 million monthly — a solid number against the $70 million invested to complete the film.

This is how some viewers reacted to watching at least most of the movie:

But another viewer had an interesting take that I think many should also consider:

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