Dahmer Netflix Show Has Viewers Unable to Finish First Episode: ‘It Literally Made My Skin Crawl’

After the debut of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, it wasn’t long before the true crime series soared to the top of the streamer’s most-watched titles as millions of people tuned in.

This show stars Evan Peters as the cannibalistic monster. The series is inspired from Dahmer’s real-life horrific crimes. Clearly, based on many of the viewer reactions on social media, the show is so hard to watch that many of those viewers did not even make it through the first episode.

“I Consider myself a horror film enthusiast. I don’t mind gory scenes. But The Dahmer series is different,” one tweet reads. “Turned it off 20 minutes in. It was quite horrifying. I felt very uneasy, idk if it’s because I’m a black man. It literally made my skin crawl.”

Here’s what I lot of people are saying about this chilling series:

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