Man Busts Epic Move To Favorite Jackson-5 Song, Goes Viral

As soon as Lashea posted this video on her Facebook, it began going viral. In fact, the clip has received over 33 million views and 480,000 shares since it was first posted…just ten days ago! Can you believe that?!

You might be wondering why on earth it has gotten so much attention. The answer to that is people yearn to see others express their happiness, especially by using their talents.

Then we can share that feeling of exuberance, and we’re overflowing with it when we watch Picinich shake his tush to Jackson-5! After going viral, Picinich shared the video to his own page, saying:

“Decided to dance to my man MJ…didn’t know I was caught on Facebook. Now I’m hoping to hear from Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift!”

His amazing attitude bleeds through into his awesome footwork! Check out what has everyone grinning ear to ear when they watch it, and feel free to share this positively amazing moment caught on camera!




Source: InspireMore


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