Marvel Rumored to Be Considering Daredevil Reboot With Same Netflix Actors

Fans of the Marvel character Daredevil have expressed a strong desire for a reboot or, at the very least, to have Daredevil appear in additional films or television series.

Almost three years after the Netflix series was canceled, fans are still asking for it to be resurrected, or for the characters and actors who played them in the Netflix series to be reintroduced into the MCU. Now, as reports circulate that Vincent D’Onofrio may play Wilson Fisk in Hawkeye and Charlie ***’s Matt Murdock may appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home, there’s a new rumor that’s guaranteed to get fans talking. It’s been reported that Marvel Studios is exploring a solo Daredevil project, which would be a soft reboot of the series but would use the actors from the Netflix series.

According to Daniel Ritchman (via Knight Edge Media), the characters will have distinct histories for their MCU debut, and nothing from the Netflix series will be canon. The report also mentions that it’s unclear if the project would be a Disney+ series or a feature, and that it appears to contain numerous supporting characters from the wider “world” of Netflix shows, which implies it could potentially include characters like Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones, and Charlie ***.

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