Michael Jackson Almost Bought Marvel & Played Spider-Man In The 90s!


The ‘Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters’ or SPUMC is the new name for Sony’s cinematic universe. As much as you might think this is some ill-conceived joke on the part of SONY, it’s not. The new name that more closely resembles a strange brand of canned tuna is now the new nickname of the Sony Spider-Man universe.

As disturbing as that news may be, it pales in comparison to the recent revelation that the late great Michael Jackson was once in serious talks with Stan Lee, to not only play Spider-Man, which sounds terrifying enough, but also to potentially buy Marvel Studios. (According to Ladbible.)

Thankfully, in order for this all to happen, he would need to direct the movie, as no credible movie director would cast Jackson in the iconic role. (According to Movie Pilot.)

Let’s all just take a moment to process that information. Not only does that sound like some demented alternate reality that only small children could enjoy; it almost certainly would have spelt doom for the company.

Marvel barely managed to dig itself out of bankruptcy through shrewd deals, like the selling of certain characters and IP rights. Then Marvel studios ran off a slew of Box Office hits one after another in Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, etc. Without strong leadership Marvel may not be here today.

So, while Jackson is without question one of the greatest musician of all time, that has nothing to do with acting or managing an entire comic book company consisting of hundreds of beloved IP.

Stories like these remind me of just how thankful we should be of Stan Lee and Kevin Feige and many others who were integral in the rise of the MCU.

What do you think? Would have wanted to see this happen? Or are you thankful this never came to be? Let us know down below!

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