New Star Wars Movie From Taika Waititi Confirmed!

BOY, do we have a surprise for you guys today! We had a feeling that on today…Star Wars day..May 4th that we might get some interesting news from Disney. But we had no idea it would be this big.

I am a pretty big Star Wars fan. But even I have to acknowlege that ever since the amazing trilogy in the 70’s, every Star Wars movie since then has been filled with contraversy. Even the most recent trilogy…although much better than the pre-quels, were still very polarizing.

The original trilogy was never contraveral or polarizing. Therefore many di-hard Star Wars fans have contined to dream of a day when a director with great vision can come along and give us all the Star Wars we have All been waiting for.

But I had pretty much resigned to the fact that it would never happen….until now!

Disney announced that Waititi has officially signed on to direct a live-action Star Wars movie, which is set for a release in theaters, not on the Disney+ streaming service. Waititi will be directing and co-writing the brand new Star Wars movie, joined on the screenplay by Krysty Wilson-Cairns. Though not quite as well known as Waititi, Wilson-Cairns is a fantastic screenwriter and was just nominated for an Oscar for her work co-writing 1917 with director Sam Mendes. She also co-wrote Edgar Wright’s upcoming film Last Night in Soho.

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