Female cop almost dies from fentanyl exposure after a traffic stop, but nearby officers saved her

This is what happened after a Florida officer was supposedly exposed to fentanyl during a traffic encounter.

Officer Courtney Bannick was seen going limp on the ground after allegedly handling the narcotics was reportedly wrapped in a dollar bill.

After the event in Tavares on Tuesday, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she was left floating in and out of consciousness.

She had pulled over a vehicle earlier that same night and taken the passenger to prison before struggling to breathe and pleading for help over the radio.

Officers discovered her in her police uniform, beginning to pass out, and administered Narcan to rescue her.

The occurrence, which police have not fully detailed, comes after specialists reassured the public that a person cannot overdose on fentanyl just by touching it.

But there is a lot of controversy online, regarding if the information being reported about this is actually true:

And here is the full official post on IG:

Watch the video below!

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