O.C. Star Samaire Armstrong Pledges Support for Trump After Calling BLM ‘Terrorists’

Photo: Instagram

From Toofab.com:

“He believes in social equality. So this fallacy that he’s an evil racist, bigot is f–king bullshit.”

Samaire Armstrong is voting for Donald Trump in November — and she wants you to know why.

“The O.C.” alum posted an impassioned video on Instagram on Thursday, in which she criticized the “Left mob” for attacking free speech, while praising the President for helping Black people, minority groups and other countries of the world.”I’m voting #Trump2020 , and this is why,” she captioned the vid. “This is MY opinion. I am sharing it with you at the cost of everything, because it is my right. It is your right to refute it.”


“It’s ok to speak out against the fascist, far left mob,” she wrote. “Call a spade, a spade.”


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