One Sign Kelly Clarkson’s Marriage Was In Trouble That We All Missed

From Talentrecap.com:

When The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock earlier this month, it came as a shock to many of her fans. But were there signs that the marriage was in trouble months ago?

One particular red flag that people have pointed to is the fact that Kelly put two properties up for sale in the past several months. Read on to find out why this could have been a sign that things weren’t going well.

Since Kelly and Brandon’s separation became official, US Weekly found out that Kelly had placed two of their homes for sale before the news spread. In December, she sold her Tennessee mansion on the waterfront for more than $7 million.

Then in May, only weeks before the reported separation, her Encino ‘s property had been listed for more than $9 million. cHowever, this listing was allegedly “withdrawn/ cancelled.” The pair had spent quarantine on a ranch in Montana, progressing to the reports of the divorce.

In a video that speculates about Kelly and Brandon’s divorce, YouTuber Shallon Lester discusses why putting up houses for sale was not a good sign at all.

See her video below.

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