Selena Gomez & her kidney donor Francia Raisa are reportedly not friends anymore because Selena won’t stop drinking alcohol

TMZ reported that according to her ex-friend’s father, El Cucuy, Francia Raisa who is Selena’s kidney donor, quit communicating to Selena Gomez because Gomez would not stop drinking even after she had given her a kidney.

El Cucuy, a prominent Spanish radio DJ and Francia’s father, appeared on a Spanish news show called “Primer Impacto” around 5 months ago and ended up providing additional information about what happened between the two ex-best friends.

During the interview, he was questioned why his daughter was not featured in Selena Gomez’s highly anticipated documentary, “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.” He told the source that what transpired between them was no secret, and that it’s just what happens when you have love, money, and celebrity.

He then reveals that Selena and Francia had a fight while SG was drinking. FR allegedly informed her she didn’t give her a kidney so she could go out and drink, stressing the organ.

Read the entire article here: www.tmz.com

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