Stolen Dog With Epilepsy Returned To Owners 85 Miles From Home!

This beautiful dog was reunited with his owners the following week.  He was found roaming around alone in Wrabness Woods close to Harwich, Essex.

Tendring District Council said “they believed Ziggy had been released after suffering an attack”.

It was an inspection the dogs microchip that not only revealed his illness but also that he was stolen.   Plus what helped of course was that has soon as Ziggy’s owner realized he had been stolen they reported it.  This then lead to his details being added to a national data base.

Local dog warden Adam McGoldrick is grateful to those who found Ziggy.  If they had not reported him then of course he would have soon died without his medication.

With this condition it is vital that a dog like Ziggy gets his treatment twice each day at a specific time.  This in turn helps to prevent the seizures from occurring.

After speaking to Ziggy’s owners David said that they were extremely relieved to be told that he had been found safe and well”.  All this despite the ordeal he had been put through.

In cases such as this it really does show just how important it is to get your pets microchipped these days.  Also it is important to then make sure that the information relating to that pet is kept up dated.

After a good nights rest Ziggy was then returned back to his thankful owners who will be keeping a much closer eye on him in the future.

Source: ichef.bbci.co.uk

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