Loyal Golden Retriever Protects Crying Girl as She Is Being Told Off By Her Mother

A video of a pet dog that appears to prevent a little girl from getting scolded by her mother has gone viral in China. 

The child’s mother, who filmed the scene, claimed that the five-year old golden retriever was protecting her two-year old daughter as she scolded the girl. 

She claimed that her daughter had grown up in Harry’s business, and both had a deep connection.

The pet, named after J.K. Rowling’s fictional character Harry Potter, also appeared to snarl at the parent, seemingly telling her to back off.

Harry’s adorable reaction was captured by the girl’s mother, Ms Sun, on Friday at their home in eastern Chinese city Xuzhou.Ms Sun claimed that she decided to record the incident because she found it ‘funny and infuriating’ at the same time.  

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