These Coffin Office Chairs Are Perfect For Dead-End Jobs

It’s been about a week since the viral tweet featuring these coffin office chairs went viral, capturing the attention of the chronically online.

Those flawlessly geometric designs, wood-crafted exteriors, and, most importantly, zombie vibes have me yearning for the coffice chair of my fantasies, yet the internet is failing to provide.

A coffice chair’s appeal extends well beyond basic looks; it’s about capturing a mood. Nothing says “stuck in the workplace till I die” quite like a coffin-shaped office chair.

The ideal chair for a Zoom call to update everyone on how your Monday is going. Perhaps you were given a malicious GIF via Teams and are just anticipating the inevitable.

With its internet fame and endless possibilities, it’s pretty clear that the coffin chair is a win, at least conceptually. What’s impossibly clear is that gaming companies have been wasting their time with race car chairs for far too long. To help with the pivot, I have some suggestions for the first one to take the coffice chair of my dreams and turn it into reality.

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