This Audition Was So Amazing It Actually Made Simon Too Emotional To Speak

It’s always a scary thing to be the final act or performance of the night. The final performer going up on stage, whether it be a comedian, or a band, or singer must deal with a crowd that is either going to be very excited for them to come up and do their thing, or they are going to be almost ready to leave, so the performers must already have a ton of nerves getting ready to be the last act of the day.

I can’t imagine if I was the last act and had to perform in front of a panel of celebrity judges who were probably ready to go back home or their hotel rooms and call it a night several hours before I step up there LOL.

But in this case, it was a bit different…

The very last audition of the night finally walked up on the stage. You can see that he has a certain way about him, a quiet confidence, but at the same time very humble.

Simon and the other judges let him know that during their years as judges, the final act can be either very good or absolutely terrible.

Josh Daniel knows this and still took the stage and explains why he chose the song he did. He stated the words had a different meaning to him and when he started to sing, you could hear it in his voice.

The camera continue to pan to Simon’s face as well as the other judges, but you will notice they seem to show Simon more…and there is a reason.

This Audition Was So Emotional For Josh and The Audience That Simon Couldn’t Hide His Emotions and Actually Started To Cry.

What Was it That Made Simon Cry? Read On Below To Watch!

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