WATCH: Bulldog Meets Puppy And It’s The Most Adorable Thing Ever

One of the things that always struck me as so funny about dogs is how many breeds there are. Dogs literally come in all shapes and sizes! This Bulldog and Chihuahua show off two amazing breeds! But so different from one another.

I have friends with dogs who weigh well over 100 pounds and another with a dog who could fit inside her mini purse or just about anywhere. She’s one of the lucky people who can take their dog on the plane with them.

With so many varying sizes and shapes and breeds that dogs come in it’s hard to imagine them all playing together. When you picture the huge dogs playing with the tiny ones it’s hard to not worry the little one might get hurt.

But another thing we know to be true about dogs is their general gentle and loving nature. Even if the dog is super tiny the big dogs seem to try and be aware of that and not hurt them.

Well one VERY brave little Chihuahua puppy decided he wanted to make his big brother’s tail his chew toy. Continue to the next page to SEE what is possibly the cutest interaction between a big and a small dog ever!

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