WATCH: THE BATMAN (2021) Teaser Trailer

This just might be the BEST Batmobile movie version we have ever seen! Love the red lights and bold design!

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The Batman Set Video Reveals New Look at Batcycle Chase Scene

Shooting with The Batman’s Second Unit is taking place in Chicago, and the Dark Knight’s Batcycle is a major part of it. We’ve seen Batman use a high-speed pursuit vehicle before.

A new video recorded by Twitter user @Dkdej shows the further footage on a Chicago Street. You can see the video below.

Previously, development on The Batman ceased after star Robert Pattinson tested positive for the virus at the beginning of September.

Two weeks later, development resumed after Pattinson had been screened negative for coronavirus. The film has since been deferred from 2021 to 2022.

Source Credit: comicbook.com

Source Credit: Comicbook.com

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