WATCH: The TOP 6 Strongest Moments of the Incredible HULK!

If there is any character in comics that is all about brute strength, the first one who comes to mind is the incredible Hulk. While there is much to be said about which is more important between brute strength and high intelligence, when it comes to the Hulk, sometimes sheer physical strength is more than enough.

Stan Lee created the Hulk for Marvel Comics as someone who struggled for control over his other persona ala Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Bruce Banner was involved in a gamma-bomb explosion test that should have killed him. Instead, the gamma radiation turned him into the rampaging monster known all over the world as the Hulk.

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In a previous piece we did titled, “Ranking the Top 10 Strongest Marvel Comics Superheroes of All Time!,” the gamma-spawned goliath was one of the strongest superheroes in the publisher’s history. Is he the strongest? We won’t spoil it for you but he is in the top three. You can find that piece right here.

The Hulk has demonstrated feats of strength that have been so impressive that it’s almost impossible to believe. Over the years, the comics have shown almost no restraint as to the limits of his strength. Now it’s time to recognize which ones are the most extraordinary.

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