Chilling Aerial Photos of Disney World Show an Empty Magic Kingdom

If you’re a big Disney park fan you have to be pretty frustrated that you’re not able to attend any of the Disney parks right now due to the Coronavirus.

However, that didn’t stop many Disney park fans as we talked about recently here.

In fact, many of those visitors who showed up at the park anyway despite the governments decree that only gatherings of 10 or less during this outbreak.

Furthermore, as you know…the state of California is on a complete lockdown right now.

But comic book.com just revealed some sobering and chilling photos of the Magic Kingdom…and it truly looks like a ghost town…never seen it like that ever.

The first photo of the set, which you can see below, shows Mainstreet U.S.A., the very first place you explore when you enter Magic Kingdom. The always-crowded road is completely barren. Other photos feature attractions like the carousel, Haunted Mansion, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Source Credit: Comicbook.com

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